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Sushi Sho

Very Fine Level 72
Food rating:31/40
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Sushi Sho

An omakase on speed

It all goes so fast. In the traditional Tokyo-style, called edomae, the name for the sushi that became the world’s first fast food in the early 1800s. In one and a half hours we’ve enjoyed 15 servings in the form of an omakase, i.e., the chef’s choice. Carl Ishizaki packs a big experience into this little room, which is cramped and rather spartanly furnished. Behind the counter he and his mates assemble the servings with a light hand and good humour in disarming, long-sleeved undershirts to the tune of 80s pop music. It begins with a series of small dishes, and we are impressed by the tuna cubes with green okra, puffed rice and an egg yolk that’s been marinated overnight in soy sauce and sweet sake. We are asked to mix it all together to experience the sweet-salty-tartness in a soft cream with roasted notes. More smoke, acidity and fat are supplied by the dish with halibut and plum vinegar – perfect with the soft, elegant notes of a Masumi sake. There are mostly Atlantic fish among the eight nigiri pieces, and these are served with a slightly sweeter sake: Daishichi Masakura. The sake also gives wings to a fun variation on herring with pickled spring onions and crushed ginger. The best, though, is the seared rainbow trout with rice that’s been laced with lightly fermented vinegar. A third, more rough and woodsy sake combines nicely with the ocean notes of salmon roe and Galician sea urchin. The recommended sake pairings are an interesting journey into a new world of flavour, though Japanese beer or fresh German riesling wines are good alternatives. There is no doubt that Sushi Sho delivers – although perhaps in the fastest way possible...

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  • Sushi Sho
  • Sushi Sho

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