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Restaurang Volt

Masters Level 77
Food rating:33/40
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Restaurang Volt

Earthy and original

This austere little locale houses some of Sweden’s most defiant cooking. Both the flavours and the colours of the dishes tend toward the earthy, doing full justice to natural wines. It is easy to be impressed by the many uncompromising experiences, like a dish where topside, from a cow from Bjällansås farm, plays the main role. Under the thin raw meat lies a delicious blend of ramson cream with chips made from maple peas and the crunch of hazelnut. Eaten all together, it’s a funky flavour-enhancer in which the herb cream and nuttiness meet iron, fleshy notes. The wine, a juicy, raspberry-ish nerello mascalese from Vino di Anna on Etna, grows in the experience along with the topside. The most attractive dish, however, is a plate with Jerusalem artichoke cream flavoured with smoky notes of sugar-salted char roe on which beautiful strips of thick and pickled green rhubarb make a fanciful, impressionistic effect. An elegant flavour combo with acidity, smokiness and a deep creamy taste. A pinot gris from Pierre Frick in Alsace lived up to the dish’s acidity. The celeriac dish with cultivated mushrooms from Torna Hällestad in Skåne is no beauty, with its snake-like dumplings of celery cream winding around the pale mushrooms. But the taste – packed with maximum umami – makes us forgive the transgression. The reddish-black, slow-baked beet has been grilled with a birch sap glaze and plated on a grey dish with an airy hollandaise that’s flavoured with woodruff vinegar and dusted with powders made from beef brisket and beets. It is stylish and surprising with fatty, herby, earthy flavours that take flight with help from the wine, a cabernet franc Les Tailles from Jean-Christophe Garnier. The grilled, red pointed cabbage is an odd beauty. It covers pieces of thinly sliced lamb from Ällmora farm with naked barley and smoked mayonnaise. The meatiness and the bitter notes work well with a syrah from Saint Joseph in Rhône. It’s nice to fall into a dialogue about the dishes with all the knowledgeable people in the dining room – and they impart their passionate knowledge more than happily...

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  • Restaurang Volt
  • Restaurang Volt

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