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Restaurang CG

Very Fine Level 74
Food rating:29/40
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Restaurang CG

Northern lights on the plate

Norrbotten constitutes a quarter of Sweden and supplies a fantastic larder, filled with unique and pure ingredients from the mountains, the forests and the pristine rivers. And there are, of course, many restaurants that endeavour to create their own variations on reindeer, elk, grouse, caviar, char, cloudberries and more. But not everyone succeeds in refining and developing these genuine ingredients and innovating the experience on the plates throughout the whole meal. A lot of places serve good, well prepared food, but it tends to taste quite similar. There are exceptions, however, and they sparkle like the flaming northern lights. Like CG’s in Luleå, where they have taken steps to cement the place as one of northern Sweden’s sharpest and most creative restaurants. Here those authentic and pure flavours are in the centre. The sauces are balanced and served in small pitchers next to the perfectly prepared venison and Arctic char fillets, which have been touched with the exact amount of salt and spices to bring out the genuine flavours and coax forth sighs of culinary happiness. The plaice is one of the most beautifully composed dishes we’ve seen in a long time. Finish off with the cheese board from the heavenly kingdom of happy cows and a couple of sweet dessert wines. Everyone feels taken care of at CG, which makes them return to the welcoming warmth again and again...

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  • Restaurang CG

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