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Fine Level 70
Food rating:26/40Service rating:17/20
American Express
  • Address: Neitsytpolku 10, 00140 Helsinki
  • Phone: +35 (0)10 501 46 96
  • Web:
  • Seats: 25
  • Opening Hours: Wed–Fri 5 PM–midnight, Sat 4 PM–midnight. Closed July.

Classic service and mixed plates

In the doorway we are greeted by a maître d’ of the classic school – a type that is unfortunately rare these days. He has built up an inspired and thoughtful wine cellar with a predilection for France and Italy. When it comes to the food it is unclear where Chef Markus Aremo wants to steer our senses. There’s a chance we’ll see southern European classics like risotto and ratatouille, rustic elements from home and side trips to North Africa. The champion- ship winning minced pike under a tomato salad and a crispy pastry lid is a memorable signature dish. Though what hummus is doing under an almost cold poached egg and smoked shrimp we do not know. Fortunately we can wash it down with sparkling rosé from Veneto full of refreshing strawberry flavour. It is also easy to enjoy the glass art objects on the dark grey walls, the nice jazz streaming from the speakers and the comfortable chairs that encourage you to sit until late in the evening...

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