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Kohvik Retro

Fine Level 60
Food rating:23/40Service rating:13/20
BarChambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMainly open during summer time
Kohvik Retro

Where customs are taught

One glance is all it takes to establish that Retro is worthy of its name. The furniture is mismatched, the tablecloths look like they’ve been stolen from grandma’s house, one yellow wall is dotted with vinyl records, another is equipped with a TV airing old cartoons. Behind the bar made of barrels is a shelf lined with booze bottles, the likes of which have not been in production since the last century. The menu is similarly retro-themed, boasting roasted Baltic herring and marinated Saaremaa lamb. A whole smoked perch is brought to the table with nothing but a knife, leaving you to your own devices to handle the rest. Back in the day, that was how they ate smoked fish in Saaremaa. Those who don’t know must learn. This is particularly tricky for non-local guests. Yet Retro is a magical place, with each visit it becomes more and more like home, and the local customs grow more and more interesting with each passing minute. Naturally, the beverages also have an old-timey bent, featuring Saaremaa Vodka and Saaremaa Tuulik beer...

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  • Kohvik Retro
  • Kohvik Retro

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