From the White Guide Nordic 2018:

Gustav Wasa

Very Fine Level 73
Food rating:28/40Service rating:16/20
BarBar menu
  • Address: Raastuvankatu 24, 65100 Vaasa
  • Phone: +358 50 466 3208
  • Web:
  • Seats: 70
  • Opening Hours: Gastropub: Mon-Fri 6 PM-late, Sat 4 PM-late Restaurant: Mon-Fri 6 PM-late, Sat 4 PM-late

Damn good food

The humble vaults in which Gustav Wasa is located are a living reminder of the fire that destroyed the old city of Vaasa and out of which the new Vaasa emerged. The black walls have been cleaned up, soft lighting has been installed and white tablecloths shine in the red brick surroundings. The staff are young and their sense of teamwork is evidenced by the laughter that rings out amongst them and echoes in this historically preserved building. By the end of the evening you’re calling them by name and asking after the due date of owners’ Tina and Kim Hellman’s baby. The mood may be laid-back but these guys run a tight ship. GW7 is the name of the tasting menu that changes almost daily and always promises to be full of surprises. The sourdough bread is nicely salted, the amuse-bouche gets our taste buds going with potted shrimp, a hit of dill and a smooth aioli. Pears, apples and fizz play on the tongue with each sip of the prosecco. The smoked, pale pink trout has a perfect firm texture and is surrounded by sweetly marinated cucumber. Horse fillet, a rather lean cut, can be fairly tough if it’s not handled with care, but these pros know what they’re doing. The smoky-flavoured meat is rare and tender and served with crunchy beluga lentils and beans. A pinot noir from Chile with its sweet, leathery qualities is an ideal match with this hearty dish. Arriving with precision timing, each dish is arranged by the artists in the kitchen and has the right amount of crispiness, crunchiness, creaminess, sweet, sour and smoke to keep you intrigued about what’s up next. That said, the line-up seems to lack cohesion. On the other hand, local, fresh and just plain damn good food could be what they’re aiming for and it’s hard to argue with that...

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