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Frukt & Grønt

Very Fine Level 69
Food rating:29/40Service rating:14/20
Wheelchair access
  • Address: Tollbugata 6, 3044 Drammen
  • Phone: 97760866
  • Web: http://www.fruktgrø
  • Seats: 50
  • Opening Hours: Tue-Sat 16:00-22:00 / Closed July
Frukt & Grønt

Breaking new ground

The town of Drammen has never
been known as a culinary destination. Even though the surrounding area has historically been considered the most important farmland in the vicinity of Oslo and the town boasts two of the best-known quality breweries in Norway, Drammen has had no restaurants worth mentioning – until now. Frukt og Grønt (Fruit and Vegetables) is a delightful improvement to this town. Everything about the place – the food, the décor, the excellent service, the wine list and their attitude – is a breath of fresh air, and not just for Drammen, but for the whole region. The menu is simple: two starters, two main courses and two desserts, enjoyed as a 3-course menu or à la carte, with set wine pairings or by the glass. It’s a great deal, whichever you choose. Their wine list is fairly up-to-date, providing options on both sides of the classic vs. natural feud, and the whole list is even available by the glass at fair prices. The food is all over the map; it’s a mixture of trends and styles, but mostly it’s just delicious everyday fare. Some of the modernistic techniques are a bit out-dated (we haven’t seen spherification in a while), but we enjoy them nonetheless. Frukt og Grønt is the perfect place for a dinner or a glass of wine when you’re in town. We just hope the locals realize it, and keep them in business...

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  • Frukt & Grønt
  • Frukt & Grønt

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