From the White Guide Nordic 2018:

Fru K

Very Fine Level 72
Food rating:32/40Service rating:14/20
  • Address: Fru Kroghs Brygge 2, 0252 Oslo
  • Phone: +47 24 00 40 40
  • Web:
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 6-10 PM

Eat your posh greens

Fru K, the prestige restaurant at hotel mogul Petter Stordalen’s most lavish hotel, The Thief, has rebranded itself once again. Now it’s both meat-free and a lot smaller than before, which was probably a wise move, as the old restaurant was way too large, leaving diners with a feeling of being alone even on a busy night. The shift to pescetarianism is also a smart move, as the kitchen lacked focus before, and now it’s trading in the new and trendy currency of vegetables and seafood. We start with a snack of white asparagus tops, pickled carrot and beetroot to be dipped in a sauce of unknown origin – though it tastes great, for vegetables and dip. But once the first starter arrives, all is well again. We’re treated to a show of great and simple dishes: grilled green asparagus resting in a light asparagus sauce, lobster from Midsund paired with a lobster hollandaise. A perfectly cooked trout with crispy skin, vendace roe and a brown butter sauce comes with the rest of the aforementioned white asparagus. A superb serving of pumpkin, with reduced cream and kale, is bloody good without the blood, and we don’t even miss the Sunday roast. The turbot served with lemon curd and pickled onion is cooked to perfection. This is great quality food and an excellent showcase of amazing produce. The service is just as one would expect at a world-class hotel but when, halfway into our meal, the maître d’ starts setting up the surrounding tables for tomorrow’s breakfast serving, we are reminded that we are indeed in a hotel and not a regular restaurant. We don’t recommend drinking here unless you have deep pockets. The wine list is a bit top-heavy with very few wines priced under four digits a bottle and the wine pairings might be the priciest deal in town as they do not offer much bang for your buck. But, considering the hotel brand and the whole area of Tjuvholmen, the regulars probably do not mind...

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