From the White Guide Nordic 2018:

Fisketorget Stavanger

Very Fine Level 67
Food rating:28/40Service rating:12/20
BrunchTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express

Fishmongers have the best view

Karl Erik Pallesen runs the kitchen at this fishmonger by day, hotspot by night – a place that is widely known for having the best fish soup in the kingdom. As seasoned readers probably know, this is a typical claim written on every blackboard along the touristy pier and around Lågen, from the run-down local dive bar to the more posh establishments fancied by oil executives. The creamy soup with shrimp and ling fish feels like a feast. Here the vegetables are crunchy, and the emerald green oil tastes just as brilliant as it looks. The rumours are true: this is the best fish soup. A ramson risotto follows, and comes out on top. The risotto has a vibrant green colour from the wild and garlicky Nordic leaves. The shrimps and mussels are moist and have the right bite to them. The sweetness of the seafood is matched by pickled carrots. The baked Atlantic cod comes with a butter sauce with salmon roe, cauliflower, cucumber and red oxalis. The menu is written on a big blackboard, and the waiters tour the small dining room with it, at times with such struggle that we’re surprised they don’t feel compelled to put it down on a piece of paper. A group of men who are celebrating something cause the service to come to a halt, though it was attentive at first. In the end it is nearly impossible to get the staff’s attention as they hastily fly by us en route to the men with heavy trays of beers. Fisketorget Lågen is a good place to let your mind wander while enjoying the great seafood this region is known for...

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