From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Very Fine Level 72
Food rating:31/40

Off the beaten track

A nondescript wooden door with no sign makes Derelict’s entrance blend into the badly worn neighbourhood. But once you’ve rung the plastic doorbell and have been let in, the exposed bricks, hexagonal floor tiles and warm lighting make you feel warmly welcome. A cheerful waiter with slightly baggy jeans presents the concept along with handwritten menus listing the evening’s ingredients. There are three options: a short one with mostly vegetables; a long one with meat, fish and seafood; and a really long one with over fifteen dishes. A chewy taste sensation in the form of beets with charred skins opens the meal. Next we get bread on a stick, a smoked and grilled oyster in its shell with fermented gooseberries, and baked cauliflower soup with pieces of pickled cauliflower. A rather dry elderberry lemonade and Uno, a forward Spanish white wine, make good company. The fennel bonanza is one of the evening’s highlights, showcasing the vegetable in different forms – raw planed, in ice cream, as fronds, puréed, poached and fried. The following three dishes revolve around lobster: tartare, fried claw with broth, and butter-basted with horseradish. They are so flavourful and buttery that the glass of riesling from Zind-Humbrecht is needed just to break it up. The waiter frequently presents the origin of the ingredients in detail: “Mouflon sheep from DeVilda, shot by Micke”. The mutton is served with red currants and a Jerusalem artichoke trio in the form of purée, potato chips, and baked nuggets. Sweet pieces of venison, also from Järna, come with puréed parsnips and water lingonberries to brighten things up. Derelict is one of the hardest restaurants to book a table at not just because it’s hip, but because it is also a carefully crafted, albeit somewhat uneven, dining experience...

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