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Art Priori

Masters Level 79
Food rating:32/40Service rating:15/20
BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
  • Address: Olevimägi 7, 10123 Tallinn
  • Phone: +372 600 3353
  • Web:
  • Seats: 60
Art Priori

Borscht with Dumplings

Art Priori is a restaurant that evokes passions. Through the temporary fine art exhibitions in its halls and the clear food art ambitions on its plates, ithas offered more to talk about inthree years than most restaurants manage in a dozen. The most recent year may have been quieter, but certainly no less creative. In its latest menu, the focus has shifted from modern world food to classical Russian cuisine. Stroganina is a method of preparing very fresh fish commonly used in the northern regions of Russia. The fish is simply deep-frozen; a bit before serving, itis given a moment tothaw, then served in paper-thin slices. The fish crunches under the tooth like fresh snow and tastes as pure as can be.Art Priori offers a stroganina platter of salmon, tuna and butterfish. Its best match iswithout doubt vodka. The restaurant offers a selection of Estonian, Russian and French vodkas. This choice hastobe far from arbitrary. These three cuisines are the main influences behind Art Priori’s current menu. The next Russian classic we try is the borscht. The waiter first brings out bowls with... dumplings. The borscht ingredients are stuffed in the dumplings! A bouillon of oxtail andbeet juice is poured over them, and grains of nitrogen-frozen sour cream are scattered over the soup. The contrast ofhotand cold amplifies the tender taste of beetroot. As for drinks, the emphasis at Art Priori lies certainly noton vodka – rather, it falls on wine. The waiter recommends a Domaine Henri Delagrange Pinot Noir togo with the borscht, anditis a match made in heaven. Art Priori’s wine card is luxurious, more valuable than inelsewhere in Tallinn; and the restaurant itself with its atmosphere of art is a very fitting place to enjoy it...

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