From the White Guide Nordic 2018:


Masters Level 77
Food rating:34/40
  • Address: Rådmansgatan 16, 11425 Stockholm
  • Phone: +46 8 411 55 35
  • Web:

Easily addicting

Hours of yumminess. Can it be too much? No, not in the company of Adam and Albin, who finally get to show off their cooking skills in their first real restaurant. We capitulate the moment a caramelised langoustine with a thin film of jowl meat from an Iberico pig arrives. Under the sea creature there are nice pieces of ginger-scented Iberico cheek, sprinkles of crispy potatoes and a layer of cool cucumber slices. Irresistibly beautiful and delicious. Umami meets meatiness, crunch and crispiness. The two super chefs Adam Dahlberg and Albin Wessman have transformed their “food studio” into an intimate restaurant with a homey feeling where plants, mirrored walls and spotlights create a nice atmosphere – along with cool music streaming from the speakers. The small entrance space contains a bar and closet. The communal table is a holdover from the past but the romantic corner table is new. Our gastronomic delight is at its highest when we dig into the dish that became most popular on White Guide’s instagram last year: a black ceramic dish filled with butter-yellow mashed potatoes that melt in your mouth, which you then mix with bright green chive cream, pale yellow sour cream and a dollop of orange bleak roe from Kalix with grated nutmeg. How can you go wrong with such a super combo? A fatty and tangy savagnin from Domaine Marne Blanches in French Jura heightens the flavours even more. There are no set wine pairings, but rather a discriminating wine list and a wine fridge from which many fun bottles emerge. The concept is that guests buy five servings at a fixed price; you start off with few snacks and select the rest from the menu. This is a good way to begin: a delicious mouthful of chestnut chips with chestnut cream and Brillat-Savarin cheese under a thin slice of raw mushroom. Subtle. An utterly beautiful plate comes next, comprised of thin slices of crudités in different colours – light green, light yellow, pink and white – which cover a piece of crab and French cream with cold-smoked oil. The next dish is a contrast, a hand-cut beef tartare in shades of brown that is no beauty. But – oh, what flavours when the white truffles mix with the egg yolk and toasted almonds in a deep broth made from roast beef! The wine is equally magical, a red Roncevie from Domaine Arnaud in Burgundy. It works well, even with a whole-roasted pigeon with sweetbreads, three different kinds of roasted cabbage and fennel cream. The irony flesh is balanced by the cream and contrasts with the sweetbreads’ caramelised notes. A lovely riesling spätlese from Weingut Vollenweider leads us to dessert. And who can resist a fresh bergamot sorbet with juicy blackberries paired with meringue topping and a powder of wine-red blackberries and green sencha tea? It is addicting, like most everything at Adam/Albin...

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