SWEDEN: White Guide Café is here

SWEDEN: White Guide Café is here
31 May 2016

NEWS SWEDEN: On Monday the 30th of May the latest White Guide Café, listing the best cafés 2016-17, was released. Eight winners in different categories were also anounced along with the guide, that lists 336 cafés.

At the release party, more than 300 guests mingled and celebrated in the picturesque Eric Ericson Hall, a former church located on Skeppsholmen Island in Stockholm. Over 400 cafés were evaluated , with 336 securing a coveted spot in the guide.

The Swedish “fika” tradition – drinking coffee and having cake, whether at home or at a café – is strong, as evidenced by the interest in the guide, available as both app and book. But “to fika” is an evolving concept, says café guide editor Lena Ilkjaer:

– Swedes are very trend-aware and immediately adapt new trends, and I’m keen to see whether this year’s latest news, nitro coffee, will be a lasting success or a fad. Matcha latte is another beverage really trending this year, and we see more and more cafés abandoning the traditions, serving alcohol and entering the café/bar/restaurant territory that is much more common on the European continent, for instance. We’ve grappled several times with the almost Shakespearian question “what is a café, really?” this year.

White Guide Café – prize winners 2016

  • Café of the Year: ANNAS HEMBAGERI, Mariefred.
  • Confectionery of the Year – in collaboration with Arla Foods: CONDITORI NORDPOLEN, Vara.
  • Coffee Bar of the Year – in collaboration with Lavazza: KALE’I KAFFE & MAT, Göteborg.
  • Newcomer of the Year – in collaboration with Martin & Servera: ÄLSKADE TRADITIONER, Stockholm.
  • Sustainable Café of the Year – in collaboration with KRAV: HORNUDDENS EKOCAFÉ, Strängnäs.
  • Worth the Journey  – in collaboration with Visita - Svensk Besöksnäring: R C CHOCOLAT, Sigtuna.
  • Fika-place of the year: NYGRENS CAFÉ, Alingsås.
  • Bakery of the year: BAGERI PETRUS, Stockholm.

Press release (in Swedish) available HERE.

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