NORDIC: Dan Barber is awarded the Global Gastronomy Award 2016

NORDIC: Dan Barber is awarded the Global Gastronomy Award 2016

9 Mar 2016

NEWS NORDIC: Celebrated food philosopher, turning farm-to-table upside down – for the tenth year running, White Guide proudly presents the Global Gastronomy Award. The distinction is awarded to a chef or another gastronomical dignitary of international stature at the apex of his or her orbit, serving as a role model and inspiration within contemporary gastronomy, taking it forward – and beyond.

Global Gastronomy Award 2016 – in collaboration with Electrolux:
Dan Barber, Blue Hill, New York, USA

“For sharing his deep insights into the challenges we face regarding food sustainability and for his many initiatives to retrieve lost flavor treasures and conceive of new ones. Long celebrated as the father of the farm-to-table movement, he has realized that the current approach to local ecological sourcing is not enough to secure health and wellbeing – for us or our habitats. We need to rethink our entire approach to food, based on nature’s own laws and cycles. It is not about nostalgia – but strict science.”

As much a food philosopher and researcher as a chef, Dan Barber holds a spot at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list with his restaurant Blue Hill at Stone Barns, entering at #49 in 2015. It is quartered in the old Rockefeller family farm in upstate New York, a 45-minute drive from the city, together with the research and education facility Stone Barns Center for Food & Agriculture.
Simultaneously grand and pastoral, the surroundings set the scene perfectly for an intriguing meal, addressing heart, brain and senses in equal measure. Focus is chiefly on vegetables, this being Barber’s foremost area of expertise in research as well as agriculture. Working together with leading universities, he aims to combine the knowledge of previous generations with the latest in scientific research, including natural genetics. Great flavor is the property he constantly looks for in produce, taking the hunt further than anyone before him. Flavor resides in the genes – and in the soil, and to enhance flavor we must work them in tandem. In his book The Third Plate (2014) he argues for a shift in our entire food system, both method and course. His radical theories are continually put to the test at his farm and his two restaurants. In a recent pop-up within Blue Hill in New York City, he challenged the fine dining establishment by creating a delicious menu from refuse, waste, ignored parts and overlooked byproducts, arguing that excessive waste in the kitchen and the entire food chain must come to an end.

Earlier award recipients:
2007: Ferran Adrià, El Bulli, Roses, Spain
2008: Charlie Trotter, Charlie Trotter’s, Chicago, USA
2009: Fergus Henderson, St. John, London, UK
2010: René Redzepi, Noma, Copenhagen, Denmark
2011: Alain Passard, l’Arpège, Paris, France
2012: David Chang, Momofuko, New York, USA
2013: Gastón Acurio, Astrid y Gastón, Lima, Peru
2014: Massimo Bottura, Osteria Francescana, Modena, Italy
2015: Magnus Nilsson, Fäviken Magasinet, Järpen/Åre, Sweden

The Global Gastronomy Award has, since 2010, been presented in cooperation with Electrolux, a global leader in home appliances, based on deep consumer insight and developed in close collaboration with professional users. For more information go to

The award ceremony will take place at a special event at Fotografiska Museum & Restaurant in Stockholm early September 2016.

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