DENMARK: Noma Australia sold out within four minutes

DENMARK: Noma Australia sold out within four minutes

30 Oct 2015

NEWS DENMARK: At 10 a.m. AEDT today, Noma opened for reservations at new Sydney pop-up project Noma Australia. At 10.04, every single place had been sold.

The restaurant, located in Sydney's Barangaroo district, will be open for just ten weeks from January 26th to April 2nd. 5600 diners will be served in total. At $485 (AUD) a meal, excluding wine, that means Noma's account has just been topped up with $2.716.000, as all reservations had to be paid in advance. (In Danish crowns, it's around 13 million.)

The actual menu has not yet been revealed, but René Redzepi has been sharing photos on his social media from inspiration trips to Australia, among them mango (see picture) that "looks and tastes just like fresh churned sorbet" and a mud clam he declared to be "the singular best mouthful I've had in Australia". Odds are low both might be served.

For those that didn't manage to secure a spot, it's possible to sign up on the waiting list.

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