• Very Fine Level 75

    1. th

    ParkingVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Herluf Trolles Gade 9, 1052 Copenhagen

    Is it a restaurant? Is it performance art? Perhaps just a fleeting dream? Who cares? Labels are superfluous on Chief Magician Mette Sie Martinussen’s...

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  • Masters Level 86


    BarBanqueting roomsWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Strandgade 108, 1401 Copenhagen

    It goes without saying that 108, Noma’s first foray into casual dining territory, was booked solid months before it even opened. Just a wee bit of pre...

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  • Masters Level 88

    Alberto K

    ParkingWheelchair accessRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Hammerichsgade 1, 1611 Copenhagen

    With grand views over central Copenhagen you will be spoilt rotten both in terms of food, wine, scenery and hosting. Head Chef Jeppe Foldager has a di...

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  • Global Masters Level 90


    Bar menu
    Århusgade 22, 2100 Copenhagen

    Alchemist opened amid great media hype in the summer of 2015, and and since then, the hard-working Head Chef, Rasmus Munk, has mastered all the bits a...

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  • Masters Level 80


    BarParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Refshalevej 153, 1432 Copenhagen

    Great to see you guys! The enthusiasm of the waiters and serving chefs – just on the verge of overstated – is part of the charm here at one of Copenha...

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  • Very Fine Level 71


    BarBar menuWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Vodroffsvej 47, 1900 Frederiksberg C

    A pleasant but somewhat noisy atmosphere reigns when we drop by Anarki. The brown, wooden furniture that the new quartet of owners inherited from thei...

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  • Global Masters Level 91

    Restaurant AOC

    Chambre separéeVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Dronningens Tværgade 2, 1302 Copenhagen

    AOC reviewed in two words would read: Deep competence. It is evident in each and every aspect of the meal experience, ranging from the presentation of...

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  • Masters Level 77

    Restaurant Babette

    Banqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Kildemarksvej 5, 4760 Vordingborg

    Since 1991, chef Vivi Schou and her husband Henrik Pedersen have headed up one of the country’s best places to eat, and after 25 years, the kitchen is...

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  • Very Fine Level 74

    Restaurant Bind

    Chambre separéeParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Fjordvejen 120, Sønderhav, 6340 Kruså

    It is a pure pleasure to visit Christian and Pia Bind in the beautiful old patrician villa at Sønderhav right on Flensborg Fjord. Inside, a sense of t...

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  • Very Fine Level 75

    Bistro Boheme

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Esplanaden 8, 1263 Copenhagen

    It’s like stepping into the best Parisian bistro – perhaps even a little bit better. The service is top notch and the atmosphere is lively with good a...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    Banqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Skt. Peders Stræde 24A, 1453 Copenhagen

    The dynamic Swedish-British duo at Bror is still running their original concept at full throttle, and the service matches the concept perfectly: relax...

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  • Very Fine Level 73

    Brøndums Hotel

    BrunchChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Anchersvej 3, 9990 Skagen

    It wasn’t a matter of simply enjoying his retirement after all, when Michel Michaud withdrew as Head Chef at Molskroen last winter. He wanted to retur...

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  • Very Fine Level 76


    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Guldbergsgade 29, 2200 Copenhagen

    Bæst is the quarter in the Relæ kingdom where Christian Puglisi can really vent his Italian streak. Organic cheeses and sausages are produced on the f...

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  • Masters Level 77


    Wheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Borgergade 16, 1300 Copenhagen

    Clou is at the top of the charts of exciting new dining spots, blossoming in recent years and turning the once quiet Borgergade into a vibrant, tempti...

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  • Very Fine Level 78

    Restaurant Domestic

    Banqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Mejlgade 35B, 8000 Aarhus

    “Born To Be Wild!” Steppenwolf roars into the spacious, minimalist rooms with industrial light fixtures and patinated planks that make up Aarhus brave...

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  • Global Masters Level 90

    Slotskøkkenet / Dragsholm slot

    Chambre separéeParkingVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Dragsholm Allé 1, 4534 Hørve

    Dragsholm Castle is an enchanting place. Admittedly, it is haunted and headless apparitions are said to roam about, but in the castle cellars Chef Cla...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Vesterbrogade 187, 1800 Frederiksberg

    Owner, sommelier and chef Damiano Alberti runs one of Copenhagen’s best Italian eateries with partner Charlotte Skov Bak – all accomplished with perso...

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  • Very Fine Level 82

    Era Ora

    Bar menuBanqueting roomsTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms availableUtmärkt och/eller speciellt dryckesutbud (Restaurang)Medlem af Horesta
    Overgaden Neden Vandet 33 B, 1414 Copenhagen

    We have a table for 6:30pm and arrive at a locked door at 6:24pm. As the name implies, Era Ora is a restaurant with a sense of timing. A very peculiar...

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  • Global Masters Level 85

    Falsled Kro

    BarChambre separéeParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Assensvej 513, 5642 Millinge

    Idyllic Falsled is located in beautiful surroundings in southern Fyn, claiming for decades the right to boast of being the village with the inn that d...

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  • Very Fine Level 73

    Kødbyens Fiskebar

    BarBar menuParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Flæsketorvet 100, 1711 Copenhagen

    Since opening in 2009, Fiskebaren has been a gastro-cultural attraction for tourists and natives, and the popular restaurant is still going strong. In...

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  • Masters Level 86

    Formel B

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Vesterbrogade 184, 1800 Frederiksberg C

    A few years ago, formel B made a shift from accomplished fine dining to a more down-to-earth style with medium-sized dishes and open choices from the...

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  • Global Masters Level 90


    Banqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessMedlem af Horesta
    Oddervej 19-21, 8000 Aarhus

    When you step into Frederikshøj, you immediately know why Wassim Hallal’s gourmet temple is reputed to be the top of the pops in Aarhus. It is not jus...

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  • Global Masters Level 80

    Hotel Frederiksminde

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Klosternakken 8, 4720 Præstø

    When you grab dinner with the works at the restaurant at Hotel Frederiksminde in Præstø, splashing out on bubbles first and then coffee and sweets to...

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  • Masters Level 75

    Fru Larsen

    Chambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Østergade 1, Laurbjerg, 8870 Langå

    In the peaceful town of Laurbjerg, chef Tommy Friis lures you inside at Fru Larsen for outspoken but colourful cuisine with a twist of the old-fashion...

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  • Masters Level 75


    Chambre separéeWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Rosensgade 28, 8000 Aarhus

    Things start off blazing at Gastromé. We are received in a professional and curtly friendly manner and are led through the bright and comfortable rest...

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  • Masters Level 81


    BarTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Kongens Nytorv 8, 1050 Copenhagen

    You might just as well be in New York or Singapore – well, in any hip metropolis actually, because there is not much of Danish restraint about Geist....

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  • Global Masters Level 95


    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Per Henrik Lings Alle 4, 8., 2100 Copenhagen

    "Feel free to sing, dance and take off your shoes,” the restaurant manager, Søren Ledet, playfully invites, as we are seated at the table in Geranium’...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    BarBar menuParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Kongensgade 66-68, 5000 Odense

    Goma is in top form, combining flavours and ingredients from all the cuisines of the world without filter. Although the Funen-Japanese fusion cuisine...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    Banegårdspladsen 14, 8000 Aarhus

    The Italian-inspired GÄST resides at one of Aarhus’ most prestigious addresses. The kitchen expertly delivers visually elegant dishes that are right o...

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  • Masters Level 84

    Henne Kirkeby Kro

    Chambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Strandvejen 234, 6854 Henne

    A deeply orange late summer sun warms body and soul when we step under the thatched eaves of the thoroughly modernised Henne Kirkeby Kro – the food te...

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  • Very Fine Level 72

    Huset Blom

    Banqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Sundsmarkvej 40, 6400 Sønderborg

    If you are ever in Sønderborg, do not begrudge yourself a visit and a meal at Huset Blom. The restaurant came about a few years ago by means of a loca...

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  • Masters Level 75


    Wheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Frederiks Allé 105, st. tv, 8000 Aarhus

    The Danish 80s band Gnags is roaring from the sound system. “Welcome aboard”, the young waiter says and lights up as we step inside. Uniformed in terr...

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  • Global Masters Level 88

    Kadeau Bornholm

    ParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesMainly open during summer timeMedlem af Horesta
    Baunevej 18, 3720 Aakirkeby

    From the terrace, we can hear the laughter of bathing children. The voices of the cicadas compete with the soft swells of the sea and the mellow sax f...

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  • Global Masters Level 95

    Kadeau København

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Wildersgade 10B, 1408 Copenhagen

    We ring the doorbell, as if we’re here for a private visit, hand over our coats and are guided along a corridor towards the heart of Kadeau: the kitch...

    More information about Kadeau København
  • Masters Level 76

    Restaurant Karoline Amalie

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingWheelchair access
    Uglesøvej 1, Virklund, 8600 Silkeborg

    The conscientiousness and level of ambition are discernible the moment you step into hostess and Chef Rikke Brockstedt’s meticulously decorated and ve...

    More information about Restaurant Karoline Amalie
  • Masters Level 81

    Kiin Kiin

    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsTables outsideVegetarian dishes
    Guldbergsgade 21, 2200 Copenhagen

    While the New Nordic wave grew and crested, sending everyone twirling their globes for new culinary inspiration – Kiin Kiin has stood unwaveringly in...

    More information about Kiin Kiin
  • Very Fine Level 72

    Restaurant Knapp

    BrunchChambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Stennevej 79, 6200 Aabenraa

    There is romance and professional pride enough to go round at “Æ Knapp”. Everywhere, both inside and out, little wine tableaus and flamboyant decorati...

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  • Global Masters Level 89

    Restaurant Koch

    Banqueting roomsParkingWheelchair access
    Pakkerivej 2, 8000 Aarhus

    "Well, are you ready for the works?” chef and co-owner Lasse Koch challenges us. “The works” turns out to be an impressive display of contemporary kit...

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  • Very Fine Level 74


    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Kronprinsessegade 64, 1306 Copenhagen

    Kokkeriet is known for its interpretations of traditional Danish dishes, and although the style has become less dogmatic with time, you still encounte...

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  • Global Masters Level 93

    Kong Hans Kælder

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Vingårdstræde 6, 1070 Copenhagen

    Once upon a time, huge amounts of caviar, truffles, great Bordeaux wines, white tablecloths and well-executed table work were the quintessence of fine...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair access
    Høkerboderne 16B-20, 1712 Copenhagen

    The dimly lit room is fitted with coarse wooden tables, typical large Copenhagen lamps and the distinctive meatpacking district tiles behind the open...

    More information about Kul
  • Very Fine Level 72

    Kung fu II Izakaya Bar

    BarBar menuTables outsideVegetarian dishes
    Ravnsborggade 16B, 2200 Copenhagen

    The izakaya, Japanese for gastropub, is located in the midst of this festive gem of an area that in recent years has cropped up along Ravnsborggade in...

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  • Very Fine Level 73

    Restaurant Lieffroy

    ParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Hesselhuset, Skræddergyden 34, 5800 Nyborg

    It’s difficult to stop smiling after a visit with Patrick and Jean Louis Lieffroy in Hesselhuset in Nyborg. A meal here is very simply an undivided pl...

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  • Very Fine Level 74


    Chambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Esplanaden 21, 1263 Copenhagen

    Lumskebugten – bearing the exotic name of ’Treacherous Bay’ for the lurking waters of the nearby canal – is run by Erwin Lauterbach, one of the most i...

    More information about Lumskebugten
  • Very Fine Level 73

    Malling Kro

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Stationspladsen 2, 8340 Malling

    The large wine lists of times past are a rarity today – composed with a skilful hand and, above all, with focus on the guest’s desire to drink top win...

    More information about Malling Kro
  • Very Fine Level 73


    BarBar menuTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Jægersborggade 40, 2200 Copenhagen

    Manfred’s is unchanged, with rough whitewashed walls, bare wooden tables and brown envelopes for the cutlery, and the kitchen is in top form. The wine...

    More information about Manfreds
  • Masters Level 83


    BarBrunchWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Hotel d'Angleterre, Kongens Nytorv 34, 1050 Copenhagen

    Marchal, the flagship restaurant of Copenhagen’s most luxurious hotel, d’Angleterre, has seen a few Head Chefs come and go over the last couple of yea...

    More information about Marchal
  • Masters Level 76


    BarChambre separéeTables outsideWheelchair access
    Orla Lehmannsgade 3a, 7100 Vejle

    In april 2016, Me|Mu relocated to larger premises to accommodate its great popularity, which had rendered the original restaurant too small. You step...

    More information about MeMu
  • Masters Level 78


    BrunchChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Bedervej 101, 8320 Mårslet

    Det Gamle Mejeri – the old dairy – previously backed by the people behind Gastromé, has recently simply become Mejeriet – the dairy. Along with Allan...

    More information about Mejeriet
  • Global Masters Level 91

    Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Frederiksberg Runddel 1, 2000 Frederiksberg C

    Jakob Mielcke, a chef with wild ideas and an adventurous mind, once confessed that he sometimes enjoys making a dish that simply doesn’t taste good. W...

    More information about Mielcke & Hurtigkarl
  • Masters Level 79


    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideRooms available
    Hovedgaden 16, 8400 Ebeltoft

    In the spring of 2016 Steffen Villadsen replaced Michel Michaud at the helm of the kitchen. He arrived in Mols with experience from, among other place...

    More information about Molskroen
  • Very Fine Level 73

    Mortens Kro

    BarChambre separéeTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Mølleå 2-6, Mølleå Arkaden, 9000 Aalborg

    In the autumn of 2015, landlord Morten Nielsen hired Head Chef Maria Hartmann to take charge of a new undertaking of classic Danish open sandwiches –...

    More information about Mortens Kro
  • Very Fine Level 72


    BarBar menuVegetarian dishes
    Linnésgade 14, 1361 Copenhagen

    Musling is Kødbyens Fiskebar’s little sister, and the kinship is apparent in the range of beverages and the overall maritime focus. Musling is, howeve...

    More information about Musling
  • Very Fine Level 71


    Tables outsideWheelchair access
    Pilestræde 63, 1112 Copenhagen

    Naert opened with sky-high ambitions last year, aiming to bring a taste of Norway’s finest ingredients to Copenhagen. However, recently those ambition...

    More information about Naert
  • Very Fine Level 73

    No. 2

    BarBar menuTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Nicolai Eigtvedsgade 32, 1402 Copenhagen

    It's quite obvious No. 2 is the little brother of top restaurant AOC. Creativity, a grasp of flavours and quality ingredients are the governing princi...

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  • Very Fine Level 74

    Norsminde Kro Slowfoodrestauranten

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Gl. Krovej 2, 8300 Odder

    The wine cellar at Norsminde Kro is studded with so wide and interesting a selection of wines that even a week’s stay would be too short a visit. Besi...

    More information about Norsminde Kro Slowfoodrestauranten
  • Very Fine Level 78

    Restaurant Palægade

    ParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Palægade 8, 1261 Copenhagen

    Copenhagen is awash with smørrebrød eateries, the open-faced sandwich being one of Denmark’s only historical contributions to the culinary world. A go...

    More information about Restaurant Palægade
  • Very Fine Level 74

    Restaurant Pasfall

    BarChambre separéeBar menuParkingWheelchair access
    Brandts Passage 31, 5000 Odense

    In Odense’s cultural centre, Brandts Passage, Restaurant Pasfall presents itself with large windows from floor to ceiling and an open kitchen with a v...

    More information about Restaurant Pasfall
  • Very Fine Level 71

    Restaurant Piaf

    Nygade 31, 8600 Silkeborg

    Marc Noël has run Piaf for almost 20 years, with no sign of a weakening of either ambitions or enterprise. He still committedly flies through the revo...

    More information about Restaurant Piaf
  • Very Fine Level 76


    BarBar menuBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Borgergade 16, 1300 Copenhagen

    The music is loud and cocky at Pluto, where both food and wine may arrive at your table with the comment, “This tastes f…ing great!” We couldn’t have...

    More information about Pluto
  • Masters Level 78


    Vegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Vesterbrogade 135, 1620 Copenhagen

    The rebellious little brother to Kadeau on Vesterbro shows no signs of taming over the years. Although the boys from the eastern island of Bornholm ha...

    More information about Pony
  • Very Fine Level 72


    Wheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Julius Thomsens gade 12, 1632 Copenhagen

    The raw timber walls and subdued lighting of Radio are steeped in contemporary Nordic noir. The reception is a bit lax and self-service, but the level...

    More information about Radio
  • Masters Level 79


    Vegetarian dishes
    Jægersborggade 41, 2200 Copenhagen

    There’s a lot of yadayada about sustainability these days. Christian Puglisi is one chef that, right from the start, has been willing to put his money...

    More information about Relæ
  • Masters Level 78


    Banqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessMedlem af Horesta
    Møntergade 19, 1116 Copenhagen

    How do you keep a restaurant alive for 25 years without losing neither spirit nor guests? We are guessing that Bo and Lisbeth Jacobsen at Restauration...

    More information about Restaurationen
  • Very Fine Level 77


    BarVegetarian dishes
    Spikergade 21, 6270 Tønder

    The beautiful town of Tønder is again able to boast a top restaurant. With training from Cofoco, Søllerød Kro and Brdr. Price, Marcel Rodrigues and St...

    More information about ROS
  • Masters Level 78

    Ruths Gourmet (Ruths Hotel)

    Chambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMainly open during summer time
    Gl. Skagen, 9990 Skagen

    With the appointment of Dennis Juhl as Head Chef, the gourmet restaurant at Ruth’s Hotel in Skagen is once more aiming for more classic French cuisine...

    More information about Ruths Gourmet (Ruths Hotel)
  • Masters Level 79

    Den Røde Cottage

    Chambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Strandvejen 550, 2930 Klampenborg

    Owner and Chef Anita Klemensen cherishes the good reputation of the restaurant and takes the lead with effortless and superior hosting skills rarely s...

    More information about Den Røde Cottage
  • Very Fine Level 77

    Restaurant Sletten

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Gl Strandvej 137, 3050 Humlebæk

    The setting by the port in Humlebæk is worth the visit alone, with its views out the large windows over the sea, boats, and thatched roofs. The settin...

    More information about Restaurant Sletten
  • Very Fine Level 76

    Sortebro Kro

    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Sejerskovvej 20, 5260 Odense

    At the entrance to the open air museum “Den Fynske Landsby” on the outskirts of Odense, a huge experience awaits those who love good food and apprecia...

    More information about Sortebro Kro
  • Very Fine Level 82


    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Guldbergsgade 29F, 2200 Copenhagen

    At Spontan (Literally “Spontaneous”) they don’t kid around with the drinks. Located in cult micro brewery To øl, the restaurant’s impressive bar takes...

    More information about Spontan
  • Very Fine Level 71

    Stammershalle Badehotel

    BarBrunchChambre separéeParkingRooms availableMainly open during summer timeMedlem af Horesta
    Sdr. Strandvej 128, Bådsted, 3760 Gudhjem - Bornholm

    At a bend in the road between Allinge and Gudhjem, the classic seaside hotel emerges in all its sunny yellow power and might, beautifully looking out...

    More information about Stammershalle Badehotel
  • Global Masters Level 90


    Bar menuWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    The Standard, Havnegade 44, 1158 Copenhagen

    Chef Torsten Vildgaard is a seeker whose motto is “keep testing”. This is clear in the gastronomic journey that is the experience at Studio. The inter...

    More information about Studio
  • Global Masters Level 91

    Søllerød Kro

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Søllerødvej 35, 2840 Holte

    “I’ve driven people home from this place for ten years and have yet to meet a dissatisfied guest”. We can just sit back in the taxi and groaningly agr...

    More information about Søllerød Kro
  • Masters Level 76

    Restaurant Tabu

    BarWheelchair access
    Vesterå 5, 9000 Aalborg

    Tabu is resurrected, with the North Jutland celebrity Michael “Miv” Pedersen as Head Chef. He makes no secret of the fact that the goal is for Tabu to...

    More information about Restaurant Tabu
  • Masters Level 82


    Tordenskjoldsgade 11, 1055 Copenhagen

    A visit to the young, enthusiastic brigade at Taller is the culinary equivalent of breaking the water’s surface after a long dive and taking the first...

    More information about Taller
  • Masters Level 76

    The Balcony

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsVegetarian dishes
    Vestergade 68, 1. sal, 5000 Odense

    Odense has been enriched with a quality restaurant in the luxury range, and both ambition and décor are cranked up at The Balcony. The leading forces...

    More information about The Balcony
  • Masters Level 81

    The Restaurant by Kroun (Kurhotel Skodsborg)

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Skodsborg Strandvej 139, 2942 Skodsborg

    Skodsborg Kurhotel, built in 1898, is an imposing, gigantic spa complex in white with Greek pillars, enormous windows, an exclusive interior and a fri...

    More information about The Restaurant by Kroun (Kurhotel Skodsborg)
  • Global Masters Level 83

    Ti Trin Ned

    Chambre separéeParkingVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Norgesgade 3, 7000 Fredericia

    In these gastro-hysterical times, you can’t expect to see the same faces twice, when you are visiting the country’s best restaurants. But the staff at...

    More information about Ti Trin Ned
  • Very Fine Level 73

    Traktørstedet Ludvigslyst

    BarBrunchChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishes
    Julsøvej 248, 8600 Silkeborg

    Ludvigslyst has gradually positioned itself as one of the best eateries in the region. It is not only the kitchen’s refined, simple style and competen...

    More information about Traktørstedet Ludvigslyst
  • Masters Level 80

    Tree Top

    ParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Munkebjergvej 125, 7100 Vejle

    Beautifully tucked away by the road at Munkebjerg is Tree Top, taken over by Bryan Francisco, only 25 years old, in 2015, when his predecessor Rasmus...

    More information about Tree Top
  • Very Fine Level 75


    BarChambre separéeBar menuTables outside
    Studiestræde 69, 1554 Copenhagen

    Few restaurants in Copenhagen have walls adorned with gold and tapestries and as many bright colours in the restrooms, as is the case at Uformel. Whet...

    More information about Uformel
  • Very Fine Level 78

    Restaurant Varna

    BarBrunchChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Ørneredevej 3, 8000 Aarhus

    Palle Enevoldsen’s Varna has increasingly become an Aarhus institution, as was his restaurant Le Canard in the 1990s. Its location between forest and...

    More information about Restaurant Varna
  • Very Fine Level 71

    Vendia Brasserie

    BarBrunchChambre separéeBar menuParkingWheelchair accessMedlem af Horesta
    Markedsgade 9, 9800 Hjørring

    Vendia Brasserie has freshened up and rearranged the furniture a bit since last year. The interior remains, however, cool and measured, and its locati...

    More information about Vendia Brasserie
  • Masters Level 76

    Vendia Gourmet

    BarBrunchChambre separéeBar menuParkingWheelchair accessMedlem af Horesta
    Markedsgade 9, 9800 Hjørring

    Can food be art? This is the focal point of Vendia Gourmet’s current theme, and they endeavour to unfold the philosophical question through servings i...

    More information about Vendia Gourmet
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