• Global Masters Level 88


    Chambre separéeParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Maridalsveien 15, 0178 Oslo

    This is Chef Mikael Svensson’s brainchild. The restaurant balances between modern and traditional and his cooking has one foot in the classical world, and one foot in Scandinavian avant-garde cuisine. We have been following Svensson since he first opened Kontrast in the somewhat restrictive breakfast halls of a hotel on the other side of town, eager to see how his restaurants would develop and how his cooking would evolve. And, slowly, Kontrast is finding its place and growing up to be one of the finest restaurants in the country. Sitting in the beautiful but sparsely decorated dining room, which is furnished with bespoke wooden furniture and contemporary art, our meal starts off with an array of small introductions to Mikael’s playful cooking: cured quail egg yolk in a shell made of quail egg meringue; a small root vegetable and smoked juniper tartlet; a wafer made of porcini topped with foie gras mousse and hazelnut crumble; and braised oxtail with pickled cranberries in a delicate and flavorful beef stock. It’s photogenic and stylish but most importantly, it’s extremely tasty. We are presented with the option of a large or small tasting menu, with the possibility of choosing à la carte as well. It’s a brave move, as most restaurants in this league often choose to streamline the menu as much as possible. We also get to choose between a well-curated wine list, a set of wine pairings and a set of non-alcoholic pairings as well. To our surprise, the non-alcoholic pairings are our favorite: a well made and thoughtful combination of cold-brewed tea and fruit or berry juices combined with different cold extracts, vinegars and syrups. Every juice we receive surpasses the previous one. They are refreshing and complex, with layers of flavours, acidity and depth, and wonderfully matched with the dishes being served. The first course of the evening is raw shrimps with horseradish and a variation on beets, promptly followed by scallops topped with an emulsion made of scallop roe and a scallop dashi. One of the meal’s highlights is the langoustine, almost as large as a lobster and kindly served in three parts: the tail in beurre noisette; in a soup with rose hips; and with fresh, emulsified mushrooms. Unfortunately the wine pairing, a savagnin blanc from the esteemed producer Domaine du Pélican in Jura, does not have the power to match the greatness of the extraordinary langoustine, but this is just a small setback in what is overall a great set of wine pairings, elegantly presented by Marko Radicev – perhaps the nicest sommelier in the business. Kontrast’s strength is in combining great produce and excellent cooking, and one of the most memorable dishes is the potato risotto – a risotto made entirely out of the boring old potato instead of rice. Finished with lardo, cheese from Holtefjell, and black truffles, it’s guaranteed to melt the coldest of hearts. And that is what Mikael’s cooking does to you. We definitely have a crush on Kontrast.

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  • A Nice Place

    Kopli Restoran

    BarBrunchChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMainly open during summer timeAmerican Express
    Kopli 25, Tallinn

    On the outskirts of the bohemian Kalamaja neighborhood, Kopli brings together food and culture in a peculiar meeting place where you can peruse vintage finds and enjoy a simple meal at the same time. The space is eclectic, with mismatched tables and chairs and an open kitchen. Service is relaxed and friendly. And just like the casual and artsy atmosphere promises, the menu offers familiar classics, with the chef’s own twist, like buffalo mozzarella with roasted tomatoes and spaghetti carbonara with chanterelles.

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  • Fine Level 60


    Tables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Kalevankatu 3, 00100 Helsinki

    Sticking to its lofty traditions, this restaurant has been a popular eatery ever since it was established in 1924. It’s withstood a world war and still maintains its elegance and high standards. The Art Deco interior with wood-panelled cubicles and chandeliers speaks of a lavish era. Just walking in makes you feel like you’re stepping back in time. The same can be said of the formal staff, whose years of experience are evident in the way they go about their business. The menu, too, doesn’t change much. While Wiener Schnitzel with mashed potatoes will always be there, they do go out on a limb with seasonal ingredients. The foie gras starter melts in your mouth and the sweet flavour contrasts well with the slightly tart pickled red onion on the side, but the predictable sweet wine pairing, Braastad Pineau des Charentes, is on the verge of overpowering the delicate dish. The grilled sweetbreads are crispy around the edges and soft in the middle but the veal that comes with them is a little tough and not as warm as it should be. Year in and year out, Kosmos is still a favourite for many Finns, if for no other reason but sentimentality and a yearning for times gone by.

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  • Masters Level 84

    Krakas Krog

    BarParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms availableMainly open during summer timeMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Kräklingbo, 623 70 Katthammarsvik

    If you turn off at the bend in Kräklingbo, just around the corner and opposite the church you’ll find Gotland’s best restaurant. As well as Gotland’s best alcoholic beverages. Ulrika Karlsson is the sun that Krakas Krog spins around and in addition to brilliant service and a dazzling smile she offers red-hot gastronomy. After more than a decade at Krakas she seems more energised than ever. There have been a few years of slightly restrained cooking, but now Krakas is once again springing to the front and running in the same heat with the other leaders in green gastronomy. This is evident even in Ulrika’s entertaining commentaries about the dishes: Krakas is more confident, more personal, more daring than ever. The featherweight, chlorophyll flavours have a bit more complexity now, accompanied by deftly portioned amounts of proteins from the sea and pasture. A dish like baked beet with lamb liver, yarrow and blueberry butter is flat-out ingenious, yes, even sexual – a word never before associated with Krakas. When the liver, marinated in its own fat, meets the blueberries, it revives something wild from deep inside, to which the beet adds its earthy sweetness. The matching 2013 La Guindalera Viña Almate tempranillo is perfectly at home with this orgy of flavours. Ulrika is a sommelier of the highest rank and her pairings often make the already delightful dishes even more praiseworthy. The steamed beans are nice, in mint and herb salt with cream of dried peas and fresh garlic, but they take flight in the company of a carefully selected Thibaud Boudignon Anjou Blanc from 2014. Then Ulrika gets a feeling and she pulls out a Chassange-Montrachet 2011 that does not belong to the wine pairings, just because she can’t help herself and she loves wine and loves Burgundy and because she has never been as on fire as she is now and she knows it. The delightful beverage buttresses the roasted cauliflower and the juniper-cured cod with its grated roe, its grilled butter and its pickled juniper with pride. And it’s this pride that makes Krakas by far the best choice on the island right now. With the role that wine plays at Krakas, forget about driving afterwards and instead arrange one of the few rooms upstairs. Pity those poor souls who pass by the bend in the road, and miss out on this experience.

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  • Fine Level 62


    Meritullinkatu 6, 00170 Helsinki

    The arches with their flaking paint give the place a medieval feel, as do the simple wooden chairs. But don’t be deceived by appearances – they serve really good food here! If you enjoy being on stage, choose one of the tables on the raised platforms in front of the big windows facing the street. Then sit back and enjoy the show – a three-course menu, with a few different choices along the way. The starter might be a suckling pig that has been poached and roasted to a delicious crispy consistency. The radicchio leaves filled with fermented garlic and shallots are a nice combination of tastes. The main course is an exceedingly large portion of fish swimming in a lovely lobster sauce. The butter-basted fennel does not make matters worse. Artichoke ice cream is yummier than it sounds, although the cranberries in the bottom are a little bit too acidic. The wine list is serious, especially the champagne section.

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  • Fine Level 62

    Kvarter 5

    BarBar menuParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableAmerican Express
    Norragatan 10, 22100 Mariehamn

    Seared foie gras on brioche with truffle, scampi with fried tortillas... A meal in the hotel complex Kvarter 5 kickstarts appropriately with a bunch of small plates. Chef Dennis Lindqvist recommends ordering two or three each. We do so happily, beginning with pork “pluma” served pintxo-style on grilled bread, and langoustine with perch roe and pickled onion... Perch roe! Maybe we could order four – or even five more? We’re lucky that there are several of us around the table so we can sample the many treasures on the menu and on the blackboard over the entrance to the kitchen. The deliciousness continues with main courses like flavourful lamb brisket so tender it’s falling apart after cooking for ten hours. It’s served with mashed potatoes, jus, charred baked cabbage, salsify and green chilli butter. The arctic char with mashed potatoes is a stately piece of fish with garlic-spiked potato purée. These are hearty, lumberjack-sized portions – perhaps for someone who has not just eaten a dozen, albeit small, starters.

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  • Fine Level 66

    Kärme Küülik

    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMainly open during summer time
    Karja 5, Haapsalu

    Rabbit husbandry is common in Estonia, but few rabbits are fit for dinner. Therefore, Kärme Küülik - the Rapid Rabbit - stands out with its offerings. They lay it on thick, too: rabbit paintings, symbols, figurines cover every inch of the premises. And naturally, rabbit immediately catches our eye on the menu. Kärme Küülik serves its dishes homelike. All starters, servedon colorful platters, are meant for sharing. Colorful is also the word that best describes the atmosphere, the visitors, and the moods at the eatery. The experience begins with focaccia. Served on the house to inspire the palate, it has become legendary in Estonia. With a single exception, the food is prepared on open fire in a brick oven. The exception: applewood smoked shrimp flambé. We are brought a plate with applewood twigs on which the shrimp are laid. The whole affair is doused in strong liquor and set on fire. It is almost unbelievable how delicious something so simple can be. If you go heavy on starters, take a minute to ask yourself if getting a main makes sense. The mains are huge– and no less delicious.

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  • Very Fine Level 73


    BarBrunchChambre separéeTables outsideVegetarian dishesAmerican ExpressMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Rådhusesplanaden 17, 903 28 Umeå

    Köksbaren once again occupies a position on the forefront of Umeå’s restaurant scene. Year after year they continue tirelessly to perform at the highest level. Their success is a result of genuine and generous hospitality, timing from arrival to finish, and of course, excellent food. The kitchen aims for constant innovation and an appreciative clientele eagerly encourages the chefs. They take every opportunity to serve locally produced greens and exclusive fish – even if the deliveries are so small that they only last the weekend. If a complete three-course meal feels like a lot, why not share a plate of Spanish ham cured 18 months that melts in your mouth? Tonight’s “variation on pig” consists of a perfectly combined trio of slow-baked neck, sirloin and sausage. A potato and goat's cheese tartlet is served with an IPA from nearby Beer Studio. Caboom! Thanks to the creamed roasted corn with brown butter, sweet music emerges from the vegetarian dish of grilled pointed cabbage. A sweet Brännland’s ice cider fits perfectly as a conclusion, that is, if you opt to bypass the lemon and liquorice crème brûlée. The staff make sure that you get exactly what you want and without delay.

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