• Very Fine Level 74

    La Maison

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Tehtaankatu 21, 00150 Helsinki

    La Maison, only a year old, is already a big hit. Restaurateur Mari Kärkkäinen, well known in Helsinki’s culinary circles, previously ran a popular re...

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  • Very Fine Level 75

    Lapland Hotel Sky Ounasvaara

    BarParkingVegetarian dishesRooms availableAmerican Express
    Juhanuskalliontie, 96400 Rovaniemi

    Hotel Sky Ounasvaara is not the fanciest hotel in Lapland – far from it. Yet it is located in a scenic part and has an ambitious restaurant going for...

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  • Fine Level 63

    Lauro Lapas

    Chambre separéeWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Pamėnkalnio g. 24, Vilnius

    At its core, classic Italian cuisine is very simple. You take a fine ingredient and cook it so that its intrinsic flavours are highlighted through sim...

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  • Fine Level 61

    Lava restaurant

    BarBanqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Nordurljosavegur 5, 240 Grindavík

    Location is important – and dining on the edge of a milky blue warm water lagoon is surely something not to be missed when in Iceland. But the restaur...

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  • Masters Level 75

    Le Benjamin

    BarChambre separéeWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Søndre gate 6, 0550 Oslo

    Le Benjamin is somewhat of a blessing for the natives of Oslo. Yes, it is easily the best French restaurant in Norway, but it is also a testimony to t...

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  • Very Fine Level 73

    Leib Resto & Aed

    BarChambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Uus 31, 10111 Tallinn

    It’s difficult to find restaurants that offer a good, genuine local food experience, but Leib Resto & Aed offers just that. The restaurant takes its n...

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  • Very Fine Level 73

    Restaurant Lieffroy

    ParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableMedlem af Horesta
    Hesselhuset, Skræddergyden 34, 5800 Nyborg

    It’s difficult to stop smiling after a visit with Patrick and Jean Louis Lieffroy in Hesselhuset in Nyborg. A meal here is very simply an undivided pl...

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  • Masters Level 76

    Lilla Ego

    Chambre separéeVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Västmannagatan 69, 113 26 Stockholm

    It’s going really well for Lilla Ego. After two years it’s still full steam ahead at this little restaurant behind Odenplan. A hardy and hopeful gang...

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  • Very Fine Level 81

    Svartå Slott - Mustion Linna

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Hållsnäsvägen 89, 10360 Mustio

    The Mustio estate is an unusual site in Finland. This small manor house, with a colourful history stretching back a couple of hundred years, is surrou...

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  • Fine Level 65


    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Grecinieku iela 8, Riga

    Locale immediately catches our eye as we stroll through Riga’s old town. Its attractive interior beckons to us through the large windows, and we give...

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  • Very Fine Level 67

    Ravintola Lonna

    Tables outsideVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Lonna Island, 00190 Helsinki

    In summery Helsinki, the cluster of small islets right in front of the city centre is among the top destinations. Next to the Suomenlinna fortress isl...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    Wheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Linnankatu 17, 20100 Turku

    In just three years this unassuming neighbourhood restaurant has taken its place as one of Turku’s premier establishments. In fact, Ludu has plenty go...

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  • Very Fine Level 74


    Chambre separéeParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Esplanaden 21, 1263 Copenhagen

    Lumskebugten – bearing the exotic name of ’Treacherous Bay’ for the lurking waters of the nearby canal – is run by Erwin Lauterbach, one of the most i...

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  • Very Fine Level 74

    Lux Dag för Dag

    BarBar menuTables outsideWheelchair accessHjärtekrogUtmärkt och/eller speciellt dryckesutbud (Restaurang)American ExpressMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Primusgatan 116, 112 67 Stockholm

    On a fine summer’s day, take the number 1 bus to Lilla Essingen, go down the steps under the bridge and walk along the little waterfront promenade to...

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  • Masters Level 75


    Vegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Mannerheimintie 56, 00260 Helsinki

    Edith Piaf is playing in the background. The eye catches glimpses of worn-out carpeting, heavy drapes, and dark wood. The atmosphere is like in an ups...

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  • Masters Level 75


    BarChambre separéeBar menuParkingTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesHjärtekrog
    Simrishamnsgatan 36 A, 214 35 Malmö

    Natural. That doesn’t just sum up the wines but the whole experience in this always crammed little corner joint in the restaurant-packed area around F...

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  • Masters Level 82


    BarBrunchChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Rasmus Meyers Allé 9
, 5015 Bergen

    Lysverket is considered to be one of the most dedicated restaurants in Bergen – and it is certainly one of the most popular. The buzz and media attent...

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