• Very Fine Level 68


    BarChambre separéeTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Bulevardi 6, 00120 Helsinki

    Imagination has no limits when it comes to intrepid travellers and chefs/owners like Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg. While the former is in Australia a...

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  • Very Fine Level 73

    Gallery Restaurant Hotel Holt

    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsRooms available
    Bergstadastraeti 37, 101 Reykjavik

    There is a saying in Iceland that you visit Gallery Holt or “Holtið” for a special occasion in your life or together with the special people in your l...

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  • Fine Level 66


    BarBrunchBar menuTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Pylimo g. 23-3, Vilnius

    The minute we step into this small restaurant on the outskirts of the old town we understand why the few places in the dining room are always taken (b...

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  • Global Masters Level 92


    Chambre separéeUtmärkt och/eller speciellt dryckesutbud (Restaurang)Utmärkt kaffeutbudAmerican ExpressMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Artillerigatan 14, 114 51 Stockholm

    The bright white and copper-shiny restaurant on Artellerigatan could so easily have been transformed into a humourless clinical backdrop - the cosines...

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  • Masters Level 75


    Chambre separéeWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    Rosensgade 28, 8000 Aarhus

    Things start off blazing at Gastromé. We are received in a professional and curtly friendly manner and are led through the bright and comfortable rest...

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  • Masters Level 78


    ParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishes
    T. Ševčenkos 16i, Vilnius

    As the taxi strays ever deeper into a rough neighbourhood we become increasingly convinced that we’ve ended up in a gangster movie rather than being o...

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  • Masters Level 81


    BarTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Kongens Nytorv 8, 1050 Copenhagen

    You might just as well be in New York or Singapore – well, in any hip metropolis actually, because there is not much of Danish restraint about Geist....

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  • Global Masters Level 95


    Chambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Per Henrik Lings Alle 4, 8., 2100 Copenhagen

    "Feel free to sing, dance and take off your shoes,” the restaurant manager, Søren Ledet, playfully invites, as we are seated at the table in Geranium’...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    BarBar menuParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesMedlem af Horesta
    Kongensgade 66-68, 5000 Odense

    Goma is in top form, combining flavours and ingredients from all the cuisines of the world without filter. Although the Funen-Japanese fusion cuisine...

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  • Very Fine Level 72

    Gotthards Krog

    BarChambre separéeBar menuWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableAmerican ExpressMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Storgatan 46, 903 26 Umeå

    Gotthards Krog in Umeå’s most central and lively district has almost everything a really good restaurant should have: excellent staff in the dining ro...

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  • Very Fine Level 74


    BarWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms availableAmerican Express
    Hótel Sögu, Við Hagatorg, 107 Reykjavík

    The historic Grill at Hotel Saga has been open since 1962, and the panoramic view over town on a beautiful summer night is simply breathtaking. After...

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  • Fine Level 61

    Grillmarkadurinn (Grillmarket)

    BarWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesRooms available
    Lækjargata 2A, 101 Reykjavík

    Here Reykjavík’s usually casual crowd dons their shirts: Grillmarkaðurinn is fairly upscale. Upstairs, tables are flooded by light, as well as the sme...

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  • Very Fine Level 73


    Vegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Sankt Eriksgatan 67, 113 32 Stockholm

    The hole in the wall on busy Sankt Eriksbron chugs along on its chosen path. Well-thought-out, vegetable-focused dishes are paired with intense carniv...

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  • Fine Level 66

    Restaurant Bar & Grotesk

    BarBar menuTables outsideWheelchair accessVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Ludviginkatu 10, 00130 Helsinki

    Grotesk is located in downtown Helsinki, in the former offices of Finland’s biggest daily newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat. The restaurant’s name is inspi...

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  • Very Fine Level 74

    Grythyttans Gästgivaregård

    BarBrunchChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms availableAmerican ExpressMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Prästgatan 2, 712 81 Grythyttan

    We felt it straight away. Something had happened. When we sat down in front of the tables decked in white, freshly-ironed tablecloths, we were met by...

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  • Masters Level 76


    ParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesAmerican Express
    Albertinkatu 36, 00180 Helsinki

    Another one of these restaurants? When Grön opened its doors a year ago rumours spread that it was just one more hipster restaurant with foraged green...

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  • Masters Level 79

    Gula Hönan

    BarChambre separéeBar menuBanqueting roomsParkingVegetarian dishesRooms availableMainly open during summer timeMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Ronehamnsväg 40-42, 623 47 Hemse

    Few places can deliver such a charming complete experience as Gula Hönan. The large, wonky house with creaky floors, faded ceiling murals and old lace...

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  • Very Fine Level 70

    Gustav Wasa

    BarBar menu
    Raastuvankatu 24, 65100 Vaasa

    The safe vaults in the coal cellar on Rådhusgatan aren’t as old as Gustav Vasa, but still very charming. Once you’ve finally found the way down, the c...

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  • Very Fine Level 73

    Den Gyldene Freden

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsTables outsideVegetarian dishesAmerican ExpressMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Österlånggatan 51, 103 17 Stockholm

    Den Gyldene (Swedish for “The Golden”) is really shining and shimmering this year. We’ve always enjoyed this restaurant. It’s a place you want to come...

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  • Very Fine Level 72


    Banegårdspladsen 14, 8000 Aarhus

    The Italian-inspired GÄST resides at one of Aarhus’ most prestigious addresses. The kitchen expertly delivers visually elegant dishes that are right o...

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  • Very Fine Level 77

    Restaurang Galleriet, Görvälns Slott

    BarChambre separéeBanqueting roomsParkingTables outsideVegetarian dishesRooms availableAmerican ExpressMedlem i Visita – Svensk Besöksnäring
    Görvälnsvägen, 175 46 Järfälla

    It’s easy to see why Elsa Elisabeth Brahe wanted to build on this particular spot in 1659: the view over Görvälnsviken bay is breath-taking. And so, c...

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